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Assorted Collectibles

Assorted Collectibles


FB161 - Regal

Regal Medallion Fly Tying Vise USA. Includes wood base tool holder with tools. Excellent condition.


FB113 - Super Chief

Super Chief snelled trout flies hand tied in the U.S.A. on genuine Eagle Claw hooks. U.S. Patent No. 1657734 issued in 1928. Includes 11 Ginger Quill flies in original labeled box. New old stock.

FB114 - Super Chief

Super Chief snelled trout flies hand tied in the U.S.A. on genuine Eagle Claw hooks. U.S. Patent No. 1657734 issued in 1928. Includes 12 Black Gnat flies in original labeled box. New old stock.

Fly Boxes

FB27 - English Unknown Maker

Early Fishing Tackle Cabinet (fly tyers cabinet), formerly part of the Property of the Rt. Hon. Lord Scarsdale, at Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire, Great Britain. Crafted in walnut, the double doors at the front open to reveal nine oak drawers of various sizes. They contain a quantity of antique tackle, including tackle winders, flies on cards (distressed), an early turned bone float, etc. The cabinet measures 20" X 13 1/2" X 12 3/4". It has brass handles on its sides. The cabinet appears to be of quite early construction, possibly late eighteenth century at the earliest. It is quite possible that this has been made by one of the cabinet makers employed at Kedleston, as perhaps were some of the contents. Much of the tackle bears the initials A.C., obviously another member of the family. The cabinet was formerly included in a sale of the contents of Kedleston Hall, one of the country's finest Palladian houses. The current owner replaced the back of this cabinet with old wood. Includes paperwork describing this cabinet when purchased by the current owner. Includes a key. Price Reduced.

FB014 - Wheatley

This is a Vintage 12 compartment and wool matt fly box, the box is in very good condition for its age and all the Isinglass windows work correctly. There is a stamp on the lip which reads "English Manufacturer", the box is almost certainly made by S.Allcocks & Sons, or Wheatley but does not have the stamp.  Box measures 5 x 3.5. Circa 1900.

FB015 - Wheatley

Early Wheatley japanned metal, four hinged Isinglass covers over 12 compartments. Box measures 5 x 3.5 inches Richard Wheatley started making these around 1890 replacing the leather covered card boxes. They are made from tin plate, finished with black japanned exterior and white enamel interior. Earliest boxes have no markings, made by outworkers and assembled in Wheatley's factory. By 1906 Wheatley's had registered the Wheatley Lozenge which was embossed on left hand side xylonite plate." This box has no markings, which helps to confirm it's circa 1900.

FB19 - Hardy Bros.

Early Hardy metal fly box measures 6 x 3.5. The box is marked on the exterior with the Hardy makers mark. Inside the box are cork inserts. Circa 1945.

FB20 - Hardy Bros.

Early Hardy (circa 1920) japanned metal fly box measures 5 x 3.5 The box is marked on the exterior with the Hardy makers mark on an applied plate. This vintage box has 12 compartments covered by 4 Isinglass sliding windows.

FB45 - Wheatley

Wheatley Kilroy fly box, measuring 6" by 1" with 9 spiral springs  to hold hooks in place. Wheatley - Kilroy patent fly boxes was the best salmon fly box invented. This box has the small Made in England, the lozenge is on it's side.  The Wheatley Kilroy patent logo comes into use around 1935 and disappears between 1966 and 1977.

FB130 - Lyon and Coulson

Lyon & Coulson, Buffalo, N.Y. Leather fly wallet. Original owner's name scratched on case.

FB152 - Mark Rutledge

Mark Rutledge's Fly Box. Cedar storage chest, hand crafted, dovetailed construction, with brass plated hardware and lift out tray. Great for reels, fly tying. This fly box measures 19 inches in width, 8 1/2 inches high and 13 inches in depth. Very good condition.

Other Fishing Collectibles

FB101 - Unknown

Wiper skin fish mount on large piece of drift wood. Measuring approximately 36 by 24 inches. Good condition.

Vintage Fishing Lines - Linen

FB106 - Shannon

Shannon Tuna - Tarpon - Bass Irish linen genuine Cuttyhunk. Western Auto Supply Co. Size 18, 50 yards, wet test 63 lbs. Includes two attached wooden spools of linen line. New old stock.

FB107 - Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb Genuine Cuttyhunk linen line. Two lines on card, 30 feet each. New old stock.

Vintage Fishing Lines - Nylon

FB181 - Lee Wulff

Lee Wulff Triangle Taper. Floating fly line. 30 Yards. TT5FG Made in USA. New on spool

FB182 - Lee Wulff

Lee Wulff Triangle Taper. Sink tip fly line. 30 yards. TT-5-F/S. Made in USA. New on spool.