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B1000_MS - Sinclair, Michael

Bamboo Rod Restoration Handbook, 1994 1st edition signed by Michael. Included is a digital photo of Michael signing these books at the Colorado Bamboo Conclave August 2, 2010. Very fine, not pre-owned or read.

B1005 - Bergman, Ray

With Fly Plug and Bait, 1947 1st edition, 153 of 249 copies, signed edition. Green leather with gold gilt. William Morrow and Company. (TE)

  • Listed: 10/21/2008
  • $325.00
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A89 - Eldridge Hardie

Eldridge Hardie Fish Prints Circa 1970 Cutthroat, Brook Trout, Rainbow and Brown Trout. These are signed numbered prints. Professionally framed in barn-wood with non-glare glass. Frames measure 22 inches X 28 inches. Reduced price

Bamboo Rods

Goodwin Granger / Wright and McGill

Carlson, C. W. 'Sam'

BF949 - C. W. Sam Carlson

8', 2/1 Thomas "Four", '71 dem. 482. Weighing 4.6 oz. on our digital scale. Line weight 5/6. Half wells cork grip. Down-sliding cap and ring over cork insert. Burgundy thread wraps. Blued nickel silver ferrules. In a recent conversation with Dana Gray, he researched Sam's records and found the following information: The number 395 on the tip indicates it was beveled and glued in July of 1971 out of old dark strips. The butt number 454 was made in August of 1971. The initials F.H.G. are perhaps indicative of Franklin Hide Glue, which Sam usually used to glue up his test sections after the beveller was set. We do not know what the initials TC stand for. This unique rod comes in an original bag and a Fenwick aluminum tube. The rod is in excellent condition. Reduced price.

  • Listed: 4/3/2012
  • $2,195.00
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Payne, E. F.

BF1142 - E. F. Payne

6'6", 2/2 Model 96. This rod weighs 2.9 oz. on our digital scale. Line weight 4. The wraps are brown silk tipped with gold. Blued nickel silver ferrules sizes 11. The rod has an agate stripping guide. Down-sliding cap and ring over cedar insert reel seat. Includes cloth bag and original labeled brass-capped aluminum tube with tube sleeve. This rod was restored by John Gallas. Mint restored condition.  

  • Listed: 9/20/2016
  • $4,495.00
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Young, Paul H.

BF1397 - Paul H. Young

8', 2/2 Prosperity model,  crafted in 1946 according to the Fly Rod Gift Certificate.  Starting at the base of the rod, it has a Featherweight down-locking reel seat. There is a divot in the cork above the reel seat and additional damage at the top of the grip. Much of the "Prosperity" name stamp is visible. It looks as if the guides were re-wrapped with orange and black jasper thread. Blued nickel silver ferrules size 14. Both tip sections are short at the tip end (1 is 2 inches short and the other is 10 inches short). Included are bag, aluminum tube and a "Fly Rod Gift Certificate" signed by Paul H. Young, President. There is a repair wrap on the longer tip section. This rod is deserving of a restoration and tip scarfing.

  • Listed: 6/11/2015
  • $1,495.00
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Clark, Mike "South Creek Ltd."

Reels and Spools

Hardy Bros. English Crafted

R1264 - Hardy Bros.

Perfect 3 1/8 inch diameter. Duplicated Mark II check. Smoky agate guide with 2 cracks. Smooth brass foot. Ivorine knob. Although the line guard is set up for LHW (left hand wind), the check is for RHW (right hand wind). The only way this reel can be properly fished is mounted on top of a rod instead of the down position. This referred to "Rings Up" position. This reel was examined by John Shaner, with Hardy Bros. USA, who assisted us with identifying and describing this interesting reel. This reel dates from the late 1920's.  Very good condition.  Price reduced.

  • Listed: 10/12/2013
  • $875.00
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Hermann MD, Paul

R1488 - Paul Hermann MD

Salmon fly reel 2:1 Multiplier. Diameter 3 1/4 inches. Width 2.3 inches. Spool width 1.2 inches. Weighs 11.3 oz. on our digital scale.  Number 013-94, 13th reel crafted in 1994.  Includes Arne Mason leather case embossed P. Herman MD Reel Maker USA. Excellent condition with the exception of some rim rub on the side opposite of the handle and a minor deflection on the handle side rim. The new owner of this reel will receive correspondence between Paul Herman MD and the original purchaser.

  • Listed: 2/10/2015
  • $3,950.00
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Walker, A. L.

R1765 - A. L. Walker

Trout reel. Diameter measures 3 inches.  Made in New York. RHW. Line weight 3/4/5.  The reel has an adjustable drag.  Aluminum rims. Includes original zippered vinyl case and labeled cloth bag. This reel is mint un-fished.

  • Listed: 4/24/2017
  • $2,595.00
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R1788 - Fin-Nor

Model #3. Anti-Reverse. RHW.   Excellent reel for tarpon and salmon. The spool is spooled with WF-9-F.  Spool holds 250 yards of 20 #, backing, plus 40 yards of fly line. Includes original cardboard box, pouch and paperwork. Excellent mechanically with a few finish rubs.

  • Listed: 6/27/2017
  • $350.00
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