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BF1662 - Phillipson

8'6", 3/2 Peerless Dry Fly Special. Impregnated cane. Weighing 5 1/2 oz. This rod will cast a 6 line weight.  In 1972 the Dry Fly Special rod included an extra handle to use on the middle section as an ultra light fly rod. Although the butt section is inscribed 5 1/2', the actual length of this ultra light fly rod is 6'3", weighing 2.7 oz.  The guides are wrapped using Henna brown with a yellow spiral. The reel seat is bronze anodized no-rock. Torpedo cork grip. Includes original cloth bag and gold anodized aluminum tube. The condition is very good.

  • Listed: 9/18/2017
  • $895.00
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Norwich, David

BF1648 - David Norwich

8'2", 3/2 Number ES283. Name "The L L".  Glasglow, Scotland.  Line weight 5. Cigar cork grip with up-locking wood insert reel seat. Translucent tan thread wraps with burgundy trim wraps. Swelled butt. Blued nickel silver ferrules sizes 14 and 20. Scottish rod builder. Includes original cloth bag and aluminum tube. Excellent condition.

  • Listed: 9/18/2017
  • $550.00
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